Breakfast colors, 7 menus signed by experts

ROME – from white milk to black coffee and cocoa, from orange juice to golden biscuits and baked hazelnuts, spreads to thousands of shades of jam and fruit: there are many colors of breakfast and can be used to start the day. Gaia Vicenzi is convinced, a psychologist and a psychotherapist, who explains, "if we want to slow the pace that we should lead in the kitchen like in the cloakroom toward cold colors, while accelerating and giving accusations we should focus on warm colors." Cosi "from the blog – ​​online space campaign supported by AIDEPI, the Association of Sweet and Italian Pasta Industries, which has been supporting the value of breakfast for several years, to come up with seven colorful menus every day to bring them to the table again good mood and satisfy our needs and our emotions.

Yellow, orange and red? Give vitality, openness and dynamism. Cold colors such as purple, blue or white? They include a more pronounced attitude of slowness, calm, and closure. Green is counter-stress, while brown or black black indicate nature, normal, lack of sophistication. Each color has the ability to influence our emotions and behavior from breakfast. Here, if we feel afternoon and vigorously in the morning, we will choose a specific outfit, stylish accessory or complement to that for which we decide when we are relaxed or feel tired and stressed.

"Playing with breakfast colors is motivated not to exceed the first meal of the day and encourage us to change the menu when choosing different products every day. The rule for the first meal of the day does not change: the right mix It is made of milk, carbohydrates and parts fruit, "says Valeria del Balzo, nutrition biologist at La Sapienza University in Rome.

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