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Can weight loss diet: weight loss 3 kg immediately

Diet Weight Loss May cause loss of up to 3 kg in six days. It's an easy diet to follow and is basically low in calories.

It is based on a diet diet protein rich to help restart metabolism because proteins are complex substances that require 10-12 hours to be assimilated, digested and absorbed, so metabolism must increase its activity even by 70%; Furthermore, proteins tend to occupy the intestine and stomach for hours, giving a much longer feeling of satiety. However, let's look at what we can say in a three-day menu that can be repeated. Monday: breakfast with tea or coffee, glass of half-fat milk or low-fat yogurt.

Snack: fruit. Lunch: a green salad topped with a spoonful of extra virgin olive oil and a balsamic vinegar spoon plus a wholemeal sandwich. Snack: Fruit to taste or low fat yogurt. Dinner: vegetable soup with carrots, 2 courgettes, half leek, tomato, garlic clove, 100 g herbs, 100 g green beans, small potatoes, half yellow pepper, half aubergine and a quarter onion, all flavored with extra virgin olive oil (one teaspoon ) parsley, basil and salt. Tuesday: breakfast and snacks: like the first day. Lunch: a plate of grilled vegetables accompanied by a wholemeal sandwich. Dinner: endive (500 g) drawn capers, olives, garlic and chilli.

Wednesday: breakfast and refreshment: intact. Lunch: a plate of Swiss chard, green beans and potatoes flavored with extra virgin olive oil. Dinner: chicory soup prepared with 500 g chicory, natural walnut, spring onion, two slices of pugliese, garlic and grated parmesan. As always in the diet published on our site, we advise you to consult your doctor or expert before starting any type of diet, especially if you have various diseases.

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