Champion Aretine from three days to Legacy: a new relationship between Insinna and the city

Sonia Tenti

Arezzo, November 12, 2018 – Arezzo is now in the fate of Flavio Insinna, the host of Rai one. After visiting La Nazione and amongst the stands of the trade fair, there is Aristine, who became the Legacy Master.

Her name is Sonia Tenti, an administrative employee in the company, dealing with Fabio and the owner of a cat named Piero. In his first attempt, he failed to guess the solution and win the evening prize: for the singular place plural lost EUR 45 000,

However, the codes hit the mark, they guessed the final answer and took EUR 21,250. Sunday was confirmed as a champion, but without an increase in cash prizes: but we can try again this afternoon. Target? Creating a home, as he repeated several times in the transmission.

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