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Muggia, the house where Marianna Pepe died Marianna Pepe was found dead life yesterday on Thursday in the popular Via Pier Paolo Deluca 5 in the town of Muggia, where she lived. With his five-year-old son, he was hosted by his friend, Antonio Vidmar, with whom he spent the afternoon and evening. READ THE ARTICLE Alcohol and alcohol killed former champion Marianne Pepe VIDEO2

Update at 2 pm on Monday 12 November: The procedure for recent cases of ill-treatment hangs Demis Corda, former companion of the company Marianna Pepeová, found dead on November 8. This was announced by the Trieste Prosecutor General Carlo Mastelloni, which co-ordinates an investigation into the death of a woman and states that the victim has repeatedly condemned a man, but has always complained because, as he said on October 1, he was a "good father" and that although the relationship between them was over, he respected it.

The situation was confirmed by police on 30 October. rope however was accused of a hypothesis of abuse in connection with the episodes that occurred between 2014 and 2015. Of those reported, the Gup of Trieste suffered only a few episodes of injury, for which she did not show up for the remission of this woman's lawsuit. In fact, Marianna Pepe stated that she had stopped following a complaint of violence, and that her partner also worked on childcare.

The prosecutor also specified that the family was followed by the social services that submitted various case reports. We are "responsibly conducting all investigations to reconstruct the facts and verify the accountability of each stakeholder," he specifies.

On the body of former champion Marianna Pepe, the prosecutor claims it no signs of violence were found on the body, as Il Piccolo reports. Based on the evidence gathered on the day of the death of the former champion, the coroner anticipated "sudden death due to heart induced pulmonary edema due to probable polymorxism from various substances." The second element was written by Il Piccolo several times.

Only after an autopsy scheduled for Wednesday, November 14, it will be possible to clarify whether "the causes of death actually refer to the use of exogenous substances or other causes". In this sense, "inquiries are underway to clarify the responsibility of those who have supplied these substances to women."

TRIESTE Two suspects. Or supposedly such. And the cocaine that the victim might have taken along with alcohol and a psychotropic cocktail absorbed by evening despair.

Muggie, yellow former shooting champion found dead at home. What is known so far Marianna Pepe, army chief and former Italian Karabinian champion, was found dead in his apartment in Muggia, Trieste province. He was 39 years old and was a young son. The investigations, coordinated by the Trieste State Prosecutor's Office, are tight and the investigators do not exclude any runway. Article. (Edita Martina Tartaglino)

But in short, news and media secrets, which bring together sporting achievements of the glorious past, human tragedies, investigations, suspects, and the inevitable media mill, are what remains about the death of the former National Shooting Champion Marianna Pepeová, he is a lonely child. His son. Five-year-old, who was present on the first Thursday afternoon, about an hour when his mother (only thirty-nine) was found in a chair without living in her friend Muggie's apartment. hosted. And then the father of a child, the father, whom everyone describes as a violent man (already convicted of attacks), from whom Marianna fled so much that she was looking for shelter in a house that was not his. He fled with his son. The child was entrusted with social services. Meanwhile, the story, the dramatic champion's mirror has fallen into depression and persecuted by the former, unleashed everything.

In this case, however, there are at least two safe aspects. The names of the people involved in the crime, especially: the man who was tragically killed with Marianna and a former friend who did not give the woman peace. And then the place where thirty-nine had passed: the apartment in Via Pier Paolo Deluca 5, the friend who was with Marianna in the hours of death. A popular house in Muggia, where the former champion found along with a child hospitality to avoid sleeping with his ex-boyfriend.


Psychiatrist and TV face Baptism analyzes the context of the tragedy: "Sometimes there is an inability to create anti-abuse antibodies"

Yesterday, they ran after the agency launched, which provided two suspects. So two people who could play a part in the death of a former champion. Who are they? And why? It should be made clear that there is no confirmation in this respect. The investigative sources Piccolo contacted yesterday did not have any elements that would confirm or even disprove what was disseminated. From what could be identified, it would be more about two individuals on whom the prosecutor is investigating. Registration of suspects in the registry would not yet be official, but perhaps even immediate. The question is: is there anyone who has been involved in the death of thirty-nine years?

Marianna Pepeová

They describe her as a tough, sunny, good woman. But many of them also knew the dark side of his life

The story has two protagonists. First: Former Pepe partner. It's called it Demis Corda, 42 years. What is known – and this is all confirmed, from friends to simple Marianne – is that the woman tried to close him. He thought he was violent. Who was close to the former champion says that the man defeated her. It seems to have happened the day before the tragedy.

And that thirty-nine had run away for that very reason. But obviously there are no complaints. Only voices. That is why we need to consider with absolute caution. Demis Corda, however, was sentenced in May for a year and two months in jail for assault on a shuttle bus. He had to arrest his sentence under the house. The other man is a friend who hosted Marianne in the hostel via Delucu: Antonio Vidmar, forty years. The day before his death two spent together in the afternoon and evening.


The woman was 39 years old and won 5 tricolors working for the army. In the background, family relationships are difficult. Careful investigation

Then Marianna stopped sleeping in Vidmar just to avoid being ex-"We were drunk -" my friend said – and then she asked me something strong. I gave Diazepam her and threw three-quarters of the bottle. At home I am full of drugs and psychotropic drugs, I did not know if he had taken more. "He will realize that when he wakes up, the woman is no longer breathing and calls the ambulance.

The former champion received a mixture of alcohol and diazepane. Also, cocaine is not excluded, according to what was released yesterday. Marianna has died of overdose, but it will be an autopsy that will clarify which substances. The prosecutor is investigating. –

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