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Elections in Sicily: towards voting in all cities, the decline of the M5S loses Bagheria and Gela

Budgets were sent back to ballot papers in two weeks in the Sicilian mini-test. Voting for the administration in 34 municipalities, half a million voters called for voting, low attendance (58%), falling to almost all centers where people voted with some exceptions as in Gela. In the two great centers, Bagheria and Gela, a five-member movement was formed during the last round, which remains out of the ballot for this period. The grill will play instead in the second round at Castelvetrano and probably in Mazara del Vallo, in the Trapani area. And in Caltanissetta, if the center-right candidate Michele Giarratana does not exceed 40 percent (two-thirds of the above-mentioned beard voting), the threshold that allows Sicily to win the first round. Roberto Gambino grill with 18 percent.

More challenges

The league is growing, but it does not go where it ran alone, as in Mazara or Caltanissetta. Carroccio is better in the coalition than in Gela, where Salvini's candidate Giuseppe Spata (30.8%), also supported by Fratelli Italia and UDC, will play with Luc Greco (36%), supported by the civic alliance that saw Pd and Forza Italia together in an anti-sovereign key. Dem ran with their symbol only in Castelvetrano, where Nicola Zingaretti was also seen in the election campaign, but the candidate PD was third, behind the civil Calogero Martire (30%) and grillino Enzo Alfano (29) who will compete for the vote. In Bagheria, a big city in the Palermo area that was run by the Star Movement, the outgoing Mayor Patrizio Cinque, struggling with legal proceedings, did not use again. Pentastellars focused on the outgoing Council member Romina Aiello, who third, for Gino Di Stefano (center right) and Filippo Tripoli (centrist supported and Pd bits, clear ahead and victory in the first round). In another large center of Palermitano, where one voted, Monreale, between leaving Pier Capizzi, a cross-sectional civilian candidate with center-right and center-left works, and Alberto Arcidiacon, supported by the Diventer Bellissima Movement of Governor Nello Musumeci. , In Mazara, in the Trapani area, very slow: with data still partial, Citizenship Salvatore Quinci leads, followed by 5-star Nicol La Grutta, which precedes Giorgio Randazzo League. Among the smaller municipalities that were called, the mayor of the League, Anastasio Carr, was elected in Motta Santas, Anastasia (Catania), where Matteo Salvini came to the rescue campaign. Salvo Toscano

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