Elena Morali, from island to set Beautiful: «Producers play a role»

Elena Morali he was not in Los Angeles by accident. Ex Pupa and shipwrecks on the famous island would actually be ready to enter the cast of "beautiful"After the producers noticed during their set-ups, Elena was sent to Barbara d'Urso in California during solo opera production, and after trying some scenes with the main actors of the American producer series she decided to create for her a specific character: "I'll be back to America soon," she explained blonde soubrette – the producers create a very small role for me. I had a great time with them.

Elena would also like great stars and stripes Barbara d Urso, as Morali herself revealed, and the hostess left her words: "They invited you, want you to eat in soap." La Morali, if the news was confirmed, the company would be another ex-insan of the fourth edition, Luca Calvani, who played the role of Father Fontana in 2012 when the sopa moved to Apulia and then returned to figure l next year in Los Angeles.

Tuesday 13 November 2018, 17:59 – Last updated: 13-11-2018 20:48

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