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Seriously back on TV and streaming: start date, host and victim of new release.

How many laughs at all we have gone throughJokes archive aside? For years, this program was no longer part of the television schedule, but the home audience was always very close to the broadcast. Therefore, it is not surprising that Mediaset has decided to launch many new guests. You are about to start this way Teasing into part 2018, now in the fourteenth edition of laughter and carefree fun. So we're trying to figure out everything we can about the program: victims, date of transmission, hours, and how they view them in streaming.

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Jubilating to Part 2018: date, conductor and what to know

Seriously will be broadcast from Friday, October 9, 2018 and at the rudder, we find Paolo Bonolis, The beloved program broadcast for the first time in 1992 will not be subject to change. The format of the program will be the same as in the past, with the exception of the time spent on each gag to make as many guests as possible and a great deal of laughter. For the rest, everything is like yesterday, including the slogan "You're joking aside!".

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Jokes in 2018: New Release Guests

Reserve for items team victims jokes aside it's a blast. The rumors about him, however, talk about a joke Matteo Renzi it makes you laugh a lot. in first episode we will see Barbaru D'Urso, Andrea Iannone, Aurora Ramazzotti and Ciro ImmobileWith regard to future "victims", it seems that there will be Gerry Scotti, Nino Formicola, Adriano Pappalardo …

Seriously Streaming: How to View Episodes

If you do not have a TV at home, do not worry, you will see Joke on Stream 2018 on all Mediaset platforms. If you're not home on Friday, it does not matter, thanks to the Replay feature, you can enjoy all the streaming episodes if you want!

All jokes Scherzi aside: from Barbara D'Urso to Giletti

Archive jokes aside It has a long history. As expected, the first edition was broadcast in 1992, and since then, many gags have happened. Unforgettable jokes by Massimo Giletti, Barbara D & Urso in 1997, Moana Pozzi and Paolo Bonolis just like today playing the role of program conductor. Also for the new edition we will see some beautiful ones! Are you ready?

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