European League, Betis-Milan 1-1: Suso holds the hope of Rossoneri alive

SEVILLA – In the great second half, Milan is offending against a bad race against Betis and takes Sevilla a very valuable point in qualifying for the 16th European League, a two-faceted Milan that has already seen in Europe: in the first half it was horribly horrible, aggressive, and aggressive in the second half, when he managed to remove Lo Celso's introductory net, but the situation is still much more pink than what was feared during this interval.


Milan, Gattuso: "Such a recovery is a good sign"

GATTUSO RIPROPONE 3-5-2 – Without Higuain, Calabria, Caldary, Bigliy and Bonaventury, Gattuso decided how it had already been against John to make it for the second time in the 3-5-2 season with Rodriguez's third central defense, Borini and Laxalt on the outside, Calhanoglu meanwhile Suso to support Cutrone in the attack. In addition to Donnarummy, who stayed on the bench to make way for goalkeeper Reina, he gave Romagnoliovi a break that preferred Musacchia. On the other hand, Setien changed three men, one to one, compared to the San Siro race. In defense, he chose Feddal instead of Sidney, who in the middle, both of whom Tello instead of Barragan finally attacked, built duo Joaquin-Lo Celso to support Sanabria and Sergio Leon left on the bench.


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BETIS NOW SIGN WITH THE CELSO – Betis started the ball and on the first move with ballistic action: the maneuver went from right to left with Joaquin, who finished throwing in the area to the left of the current Junior Firpo, good in the middle of the first for Lo Celso with the left in flight expected by Rodriguez and Cold Rein. Milan accused of a strike, was caught in a dense network of opponents, and risked doubling in a photocopy of the 27th: but it was that Sanabria did not cover the mirror this time. It was only after half an hour that Rossoneri stood in their cheeks, but after not using a favorable straight kick from the edge with Susa, they made only one shot at the goal and Calhanoglu sent an inconvenient diagonal to Pau Lopez.

SUSO FINDS ACCOUNTS – To move the water Gattuso ordered 3-4-3 in the second half, Calhanoglu picked up the attacker and the race turned. Especially because Rossoneri's attitude has changed, finally aggressive against the opponents of the ball. Milan picked up the center of gravity and after sending a warning to Lopez with the classic Suso coupled shot (62): the goal was scored by the same player in Iberia with poisonous punishment in the middle of the left corner of the area where he was scattering. Bakayoko: The Frenchman did not touch the balls but managed to trick Lopez, who was late and could not help just watching the ball slid to his right.

European League, Betis-Milan 1-1: Suso holds the hope of Rossoneri alive

Injuries occurred at Musacchia

FEAR FOR MUSACCHIO – Milan insisted that it was good not to get worse, but she could not become more dangerous. Betis tried to get up, but paradoxically he had help from the rivals who frightened after the match between Kessi and Musacchio, who saw that the Argentines had the worst, forced to go to the neck of the neck. Milan took a little distance and was almost punished: well, as Junior Firpo, introduced in the area to the left before Reino, did not take the mirror of the door with his lobe and that Tello slipped between the rossoner shirt on the other side to the diagonal goalkeeper. Milan is breathing with relief and bringing home a very difficult point, although the qualification will inevitably go through a clash in Athens with Olympiak on December 13th.

Betis (3-4-2-1): Pau Lopez, Mandi, Bartra, Feddal, Tello, William Carvalho, Canales, Junior Firpo; Lo Celso, Joaquin (23. Guardado); Sanabria (29. Loren Moron). (1 Robles, 12 Sidney, 19 Barragan, 8 Inui, 7 Sergio Leon). Everything .: Setien.
Milan Reina, Musacchio (38. Romagnoli), Zapata, Rodriguez, Borini, Kessie, Bakayoko, Calhanoglu (44. Bertolacci), Laxalt (31. Abate), Suso, Cutrone. (99 G. Donarumma, 4 Mauri, 18 Montolivo, 88 Halilovic). All .: Gattuso.
referee: Pawson (England).
networks: v pt 12 Lo Celso; in St 17 & Suso.
turns: 3 to 2 for Milan.
recovery: 1 & 6 & # 39 ;.
Ammonites: Feddal, Lo Celso, Rodriguez, Musacchio, Bakayoko, Bertolacci for a bad game.
viewers: 45,647.

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