"From Ilary Blasi's serious sentence, Asia Argento is God, I suffered a strange theft"

Very true, Fabrizio Corona:

Fabrizio Corona to 360 great in a conversation for guest Verissimo Silvia Toffanin on Channel 5: "My best friend opened the doors to thieves in my house, Ilary Blasi, He said very serious things." And to Asia Argento says, "I told you you were God and I wanted to come back to believe."

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Face to face begins with Toffanin, who calls him to "stop calling lies" at the entrance to the Fabrizio Corona studio. "I have never said a lie," he replied, "accusing me of withdrawing my statement, not so. I said that I had never loved Silviu (Provvedi, ed), and I stopped as I said, I am a belly. I hear something inside, I do it without thinking about the consequences I did not go to the house to come back to Silvie I do not want to be with her, I just want to be close to her. "

"They made a great burglary at home, stole strange things in special places, but only two people knew this, there was ongoing police investigation, my best friend opened the door to the thieves, lived with me for 15 years, organized and organized the theft. there are things I should not say, but I say to you, but Silvia was impeccable in my life, Silvia I did not throw out of the house, but Silvia is not Santa Maria Goretti, "says Corona, pointing to the problems she had with Silvie Provvedim. "I was sorry for what I said, and I was angry and bad at that moment, and we will be the strongest friends of Silvie in six months, and I will not search for it, but we will find each other."

About alleged vetoes Fabrizio Corona talked about his shares in the Mediaset broadcast, Silvia Toffanin tells him: "I was informed and there is no veto why did you talk about it?" Corona replies: "There are many things in the undergrowth." In an interview with Ilary Blasi, Silvia Toffanin shows a video with statements released when the microphone is down.

"If I tell you what I think ends up last, the right to answer is crucial, I can answer, even if it seems unfair that it is not there. If we were in another country, the lecturer would be removed from the program. he had an agreement that I did not talk to Ilary about the matter, even Signorini was forbidden to interfere, and I was released from prison only by one word from Maurizio Costanzo: the weight of the word, I did not let the teacher make a judge, he said moral and personal judgment in the transmission. the sleeping dog wake up, you have to let me alone She said he hired the girls to say falsh that I was liberated by these accusations I apologize to Francesco Tottim for telling him that he does not know Italian If I see Ilary Blasi I hug her and I'm sorry, then it's normal to have a "caciotta" marketing where I live. "

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