"He's a bumper without ideas, I'll never work with him anymore"

Famous Maestro Ennio Morricone yesterday turned to the 90th 90 years, in which the Italian author composes the beauty of more than 500 melodies, gives the world cinemas some of the most memorable soundtracks of all time. Career who saw him cooperate with the directors of the caliber Sergio Leone, Giuseppe Tornatore, Bernardo Bertolucci, Vittorio De Sica, Brian De Palma, Oliver Stone, John Carpenter, Terrence Malick, Pier Paolo Pasolini and finally the king of pulp Quentin Tarantino, whose music he composed for Fateful Eight they brought him to win first Oscar for the best soundtrack after receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award academy from 2007.

But despite that in a recent interview for Playboy Germany, Morricone spent no good words for the director, calling him a "blockbuster without original ideas" and calling his films "Waste":

"This man is crazy, he just steals the others, and then puts things together again, there's nothing original about it, not even a director, it's nothing compared to Hollywood giants like John Huston, Alfred Hitchcock, or Billy Wilder. Tarantino simply copied old things. "

Morricone continues to talk about collaborating with the director of the film Fateful Eight:

"Tarantino is utterly chaotic Speak without thinking, do everything at the last moment He has no ideas He called me to want a complete soundtrack in a couple of days It is not possible That I was raging I will never work with him I told him it was the last time. "

In short, really tough words we would not expect. But then we all know that the Hollywood dispute will never fail. What will Tarantino answer now? And what do you think about Morricone's comments?

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