"I can't risk losing my clarity"

Alessandro Casillo he left schoolFriends", Program Maria De Filippi, and decided to officially announce it through social media, in a letter from her Instagram account. The singer did not attend the broadcast on Saturday and the presenter did not want to explain the reasons for her absence.

The secret was directly solved by the person who just wrote a letter from his Instagram account to Maria de Filippi: “Dear Maria and dear, I'm home and I'm fine. I left an episode before the record – he wrote on social media – which may have been the last opportunity for me to continue my journey. I am ready to assume all the obligations of this choice, which is in itself, and of course to take all the decisions, critics and judgments.

It's five months of ups and downs, just like life. For Amici, I decided to attend and in all these months, until the last day, every morning I always got up with a great desire to study, rehearse, sing, teach, grow. For friends, as in life, you can love and not like you, you have to face the judgments, the stars to make them yours, and find them. From there, try to do better again. I tried, I swear.

Sometimes I "arrived" more, sometimes less. Why not do it all the way? I can certainly accept that I will not please those who are called to judge me, but for that I cannot risk losing my clarity, respect and confidence in myself, that I do not have peace, so that I can continue, give all my things and move on. What I like how I want.

This is happening. I've always been honest and this time I felt like I decided to look at myself in the mirror and look inside. I will continue to find my way with the usual passion and music in the center. Maria thank you for the opportunity from the bottom of my heart. I thank those who believed in me and all the people who were close to me or friends.
The article is supplemented with a description: "I apologize to everyone for not showing up these days …
I want to make sure and make sure I'm fine, I have no "attack" as I read around, everything is fine.
I've read so many words of affection and support. ❤️
forward. But".


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