Italy, Mancini opens El Shaarawy: "If it goes on, it will be called"

COVERCIANO – Intensive day in Coverciano, where after the assignment The golden bench to Massimiliana Allegri There, Roberto Mancini presented a press conference before the match League of Nations against Portugal (Saturday November 17th and Milan) and friendly with United States of America (Tuesday 20 a Genk, v Belgium). "We want to continue on the road highlighted against Poland – said the coachItaly , it's a way to follow. We did a great race, but we can improve many things, such as a lot of scoring and not suffer. First place in League of Nations? We play to beat Portugal and San Siro gives us a hand, then I hope that Poland win a group match or draw. It is clear that we want to play to win and be proactive »,

ELSHA, BALO, BELO – The blue coach then spoke of his players, of those who were summoned, and those – some famous – went home: "Bernardeschi? It is physically restored. If it is not at best, someone will replace it, even though it has different qualities. Balotelli rejected? Make sure no one is here. We have some timeEuropean, there are many players who are part of this group and if they play well they will be called. El Shaarawy It is a clear case: if he continues to do well, he will certainly be invited like others. We knew him well, so he had not been called, for the benefit of those I did not know about, and I wanted to see him just in training. Belotti? He can do much more, improve again and return to certain levels: the same goes for him, if he keeps improving, he will return to the team. Young people? Zaniolo he was called to train him with us. It's just an example. They will be next »,

Mancini: "Balotelli? No one is denied"

THREE NEWS – This time it touched TONALI, at the age of 18 years already the owner Series B as Director Brescia and many consider themselves heirs Pirlo: "He is a very interesting young man with the technique, quality and great space for improvement, I do not know him well, I do not know if he can better as a manager or a midlevel.In the last games we have made progress in the game but as we have already said we need to improve in the phase implementation and all sectors », Between news, except a child TONALI, there are Grifo dell & # 39;Hoffenheim and Sensi Sassuolo: "Grifo is a player already named under the Under 19 and Under 21 and Chicco Evani he told me that he had quality and deserves to be seen. Sensi has been playing at some levels for several years and can serve to see alternatives in her role. Sensi? He is a quality player who deserves this opportunity »,

current events – "Manciohe then answered questions about current events, beginning with the resignation of his predecessor, Gian Piero Ventura who left Chievo after just 4 games: "I do not know the motivation of his gesture. I apologize to the man: I hoped he could rehabilitate, maybe he would make a great championship and take it Chievo to Salvation », Inevitably talking about the Golden Bench, assigned already after the fourth coach of Juventus Massimiliano Allegri: "The championship always wins, it seems normal for me to go and vote for him. Juve he can win Champions, we will have to see how the teams will be in February to March. Cristiano Ronaldo? Like last year, I think he deserves to win his sixth Golden Ball»,

MISSING S ANCELOTTI – Mancini then agreed with Carl Ancelotti, who proposed suspending competitions in the case of insurrections from booths: "Abroad, the atmosphere that breathes at the stadium is different and the attributes of this entity do not happen. Mourinho stadium? It does not seem to me that he would do something special that he could have made this gesture after so much pressure. In general, it is necessary to improve the insult situation and to stop the games in case of insults can be a signal ».

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