Lessons in the summer? Azzolina: it is possible to catch up with lessons, but not in August. Sunday school is not prosecutable


Lucia Azzolina at l’Aria on Sunday La7. Extend the school year? “This is a proposal submitted to the regions in recent days by the Ministry of Education,” Azzolina said.

Hypothesis lessons in the summer? “These are the regions that are competent in the school calendar – he explained -.” If you missed the clock, you can expand the calendar. Obviously, we must keep in mind that schools cannot remain open. So we can think of June. ” “We have to think about the structures we have in August, we can’t do school.” Yes in June “

On the question of the school on Saturday and Sunday, a hypothesis that was born after some statements by Transport Minister Paola De Micheli, Azzolina said: .

As for tables with prefects for transportation, “it is used to lay out entrances. Some territories are ready to start again. Other cities, such as the metropolitan ones, have to talk to each other, and the prefects need it. ” Will there be afternoon shifts? “School doesn’t escape, it’s important to send 75% of high school students to school.”


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