"Men are pieces of m …"

"Men are all pieces of shit", Insult, very hard because it was spoken before the children, during the transmission Girl TV, broadcast on Raji 3 the first evening on Wednesday 14 November. Angela Finocchiaro it speaks without too much trouble. On the contrary, when the girl looks amazed at her, she asks her low "Even my dad?", comics collapse (if possible) by hand "Daddy in particular", An attitude that certainly likes the public. Now, stomach aches are a spokesman for Lego Massimiliano Capitanio, secretary of the Parliamentary Control Commission Hey to which he sent a question about what had happened.

The first to make a controversy was Simone Pillon, Vice-Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Childhood and Adolescence, a few days ago. "By telling the child that a father or mother is a" piece of m … "is the actual psychological abuse of minors – Senator Lego is thundering – it is not acceptable that such manifestations of hatred covered by a fictional comic book pass on a public television with public money on children's skin "In the last few hours, against the transmission of Rai 3, girl TV has a difficult discussion. And Finocchiaro, who spoke to a group of girls, said that all the men were all shit, ending in the storm's eye. Now Lega declares her "public and immediate excuses",

After the controversy of last week he is league went through the streets and asked for a formal explanation for Raj, the authors of the transmission, and Finocchiar for what he might not define "shameful affair"In addition to justifying the comic, Capitanio wants to know dconcessionary companies "when and what disciplinary action will be taken against him", "Public service broadcasting can not and should not be", said Carroccio in the last few hours Rai supervision, "It's not a comedy – it clearly shows that a member of the League – with reference to a father or mother with these concepts and especially for children is psychological violence on a child, as well as an example of non-learning and bad language taste",

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