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More time to re-launch Alitalia Lega and M5S is divided into the role of Atlantis

There is a division entirely within the government through Alitalia, which risks complicating the company's future. A source close to the documentation says the differences between the League and the five stars. Vice-President Matteo Salvini would not wish Luigi Di Maio, who has been in charge of the Ministry of Economic Development for several months without finding a square, would like to lead the affairs so far. Salvini introduces a second Deputy Prime Minister to find the member missing in the consortium as soon as possible, whose hypothesis will most likely remain Atlantis, the parent company of Aeroporti di Roma and Autostrade per Italia.

Tuesday 30th is the deadline for bidding Ferrovie dello Stato and Delta, members of newco, that shareholders would also have the Treasury (for the purpose of converting bridging interests) and 4R, direct operations of Cassa Depositi, specializing in companies with prospects to increase. The board of directors of Ferrovie dello Stato examined the hypothesis that yesterday has more time to submit a binding offer. However, it cannot be taken for granted that this will happen before the European Parliament elections on 26 May, after which the balance of power between the two government shareholders is likely to change. The source reveals the desire of five stars to find a solution for Alitali after voting, not earlier, despite the assurance of Di Maio. They fear the electoral boomerang if they were forced to announce an agreement with Atlantis, on the wall against the wall in the last months after the fall of Morandi Bridge in Genoa in the Autostrade section.

The documentation should have been the same for days Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. Which would have expected Di Maio to continue to rehabilitate Atlantis by agreeing to abandon the procedure for the withdrawal of the Autostrade concession in a dead end, a counterpart to a 30% subsidiary of the Benetton family to participate in the operation Alitalia less than 300 million. Continuing negotiations with Atlantis – managed by Mediobanco, which in recent months followed a story on behalf of Fs and established relationships with Benettons (business bankers of Piazzetta Cuccia) – would be a happy end to this story. It would equip the company with a solid shareholder and public control between the FS, the Treasury and the 4R Fund. The entry of Atlantis would also be appreciated by Delta Air Lines, whose board recently approved an investment of 100 million for approximately 15% of the capital. This, which is a partner of Alitalia in a brave captain consortium in 2008 and which is considered untrustworthy for having litigation on aircraft leasing contracts through Irish boxing at the time of Air One's inclusion, would not be appreciated. The story that led to the arbitration panel ruling, which made This pay 60 million in compensation.

The source reveals how Delta tends to next Months would also include China Eastern, a partner with Air France-KLM Americans, in whose capital the French and Dutch governments are no coincidence. Alitalia would follow this pattern, but it must be closed quickly. 500 million will stay at the box office.

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