Gentle moment Fortnite, a very popular video game Battle of the Royal signed by Epic Games. There has been an update in recent days 08:20, from which we have given details that seem to push more than apple disagreements between developers and players. At the top of the dissatisfied list is even Ninja, an extremely popular streamer due to its raids into Fortnitewho points a finger at the authors for recent changes.

ninja rig fortnite

According to Ninja, the latest update only created problems for those who play competitively, which is now forced to wait five minutes between matches – which leads to titanic times to improve enough. The main object of discontent is just matchmaking timesthat by Ninja "Take a thousand years."

It seems the streamer is so imbufalito against Epic Games who decided to play gorgeous and merciless until something changes. Sekiro: Shadows do twice, When you say a health walk …

Source: FortniteIntel