Now starts with "fiscal peace" Here and when you pay

fiscal peace now it's off. L & # 39;Revenue Agency has issued rules defining a "simplified definition" for tax assessment operations not yet concluded by October 24, 2018. A provision adopted by the Director of Land-based Income is defined as a route that relates to the terms and conditions of payment for all tax assessments that form part of fiscal peace.

What are the taxes to pay

In fact, all the files on taxes and contributions mentioned in the first sentence, which introduce fiscal peace, are to be settled with payment. All deeds defined by other ways or challenged before will remain outside of this process October 24, 2018 or even later.

How to pay

There will be no need to agree to inland revenue and it will not be necessary to send communications. In fact, it is enough to pay the amount in a single solution or in installments with the F24 model. After this passage within ten days, it is necessary to deliver the tax office to the tax office to inform the agency of the payment and thus terminate the dispute.

All deadlines to be met

For the assessment, repair, and winding-up and recovery proceedings, the deadline for repayment of the first installment or the first installment on 23 November 2018 or, if broadly, the time limit for lodging the appeal, expires; in the case of contradictory calls, the deadline of one payment or the first installment expires on 23 November 2018; detection with adhesion can be defined by paying taxes and contributions payable until November 13, 2018.

Payments in installments

Payments after the first installments must be paid until the last day of each quarter. For each defined act, a separate model F24 or F23 must be used. Within ten days of payment of the first installment or first installment, the taxpayer shall deliver to the payee to the competent authority.

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