Pensioner raped a refugee on the Ortona beach. The man just got supportive protection

Aggravated on the beach and forced to suffer violence at the age of 68 by young Somali in Italy with supplementary protection. The victim is a retired from Ortona, who managed to escape the immigrants by jumping into the sea, as well as some locals called, the carabinieri.

Violence appeared on Cintoni di Ripari beach, where a woman went to sunbathe using a beautiful day. Somali, Salean Nuur Shaieb, 20 years old and homeless, first naked and began masturbating on the street in front of several people calling 112. Then he went to the railroad and went down to the beach, where he surprised the woman who so laughed so much, that she killed her head on the pebble beaches and forced her to violence. When the carabinieri arrived, who blocked Somalia, the woman managed to escape the rage. Immediately she was taken to an emergency room in Lancian, where exorcism and head injuries were detected.

The immigrant was in Italy one year after landing in Sicily but only gained additional protection last month. After the stop, ordered after midnight, Giuseppe Falasca was taken to Chieti's prison.

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