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Dembl with a barbarian shirt. LaPresse

He said he had stomach pains and did not show up for training. When Bara's doctor introduced himself in his large headquarters, he was surprised: Ousmane Dembl was all right, house less. Shrunk shutters, people who slept for an hour, spread the disorder. The player and his friends seemed to have played the game and when he finally slept he forgot to turn on the alarm clock.

135 mil success last Thursday. For eye not for atbut the time Dembl derailed, this time he did two things out of the club: a blow to the press and a punishment for a player who on Sunday 11 saw the defeat against Betis from the stand (where he came late). Then, from Bars, they called their agent to try to return a situation that was out of control. The meeting was tense between allegations and mutual threats, reputation for international markets that they haunted without any confirmation and a very complex panorama because Ousmane cost 105 million plus 40 in the variables, of which 30 Bars have already paid Borussia Dortmund. Francesino gained historical gain.

ONLY VIDEO GAMES Because Dembl has so much trouble as talent, and as half the phenomenon, imagine the level of trouble. In summary, a 21-year-old millionaire who has left poorly with Rennes and then with Dortmund and has been tense for a long time with Bare, has a heavy addiction to the console, is upset, but when the club gives a chef on the ribs (French), he immediately fired on irreversible culinary diatriffs, is doing a lot of effort with the Spaniard, he has less attention than the FIFA score of Lesotho players, surrounded by a number of teenagers like the one who lives only in the game (on television)): small light, boxes of pizza sent home like knick-knacks, popcorn microwave, hand remote control, rare hours of sleep and never at night If Ronaldinho fired his career by going out and drinking, Dembl and colleagues are exhausted: they never go because they lose hours of gambling.

clickThis is the picture that appeared in these days in the bombing of the media: s Bild who published a complaint from the former owner of the Dembl House in Dortmund, who asked him for more than 20,000 euros for damages, Equipe who was wondering if he had been completely thrown out, a coach and friends who could at any time (Rakitic, Piqu, and Suarez the most notable cases yesterday), the Catalan sports boulevards unleashed details of the negligence of the French. The fact that al Bara lost the first year between the injuries and the difficulties of adaptation and throws the other away for non-discrimination. On Wednesday, Ousmane won the World Cup. Not as a protagonist but he was. Because of undeniable talent, as well as his problems.

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