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that's why this movie is watching this weekend

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Whether you're a real nerd or just a movie fan with a sensational special effect, this weekend you get three hours (and two minutes) and enjoy Avengers: EndgameThis is a clearing that fully meets all expectations and was very high in this last chapter. Avengers: Endgame is a record film not only for duration or for a set of actors, but also for stellar collections, for example, it has collected 719 million yuan (about 95 million euros) in China. In Italy on the day of the Avengers: Endgame debut EUR 5.17 millionWith these spaces, one has to think that it could become a record avatar from 2009, $ 2.78 billion could be ultimately defeated.

If these numbers aren't enough for you, Here are other good reasons to go and see (absolutely) Avenger: Endgame this weekend.

– Endgame Avengers it takes three hours Yes, it's true, but they can't hearDon't be afraid of the idea of ​​a movie of this duration because it will actually be smooth. And finally you want it again;

– See why is the last chapter, (Or maybe not). Certainly Endgame can be considered the closure of the third phase of the saga miracle although the hardest fools say it will be the end of this cycle Far away from home, another film dedicated to Spider-Man;

Because it is still politically correct, po Black Panther, the first African American super hero and Captain Marvel, the first female comic comic (directed by Anna Boden and starring Brie Larson) now in Endgame, get ready for the girl power struggle phase (perhaps after the #MeToo controversy?);

Get your handkerchiefs ready, Yes, because in the Avengers: Endgame we also cry. We don't want to go wrong, but you won't get to anyone;

Captain Marvel He will show all his strength (and a new haircut). And it's a show;

– You can enjoy itSparkle Rescue Look (Gwyneth Paltrow);

-Vedrete Thor as you certainly do not expect;

– Because everyone is there, but everyone, and they are together in the same movie. Who knows when (and if) it will happen again;

-Why is a hot topic of the moment and it will be so several weeks. Don't you want to be cut off from every conversation?

– Keep your eyes open for the last scene and direct them character (teen) that then and there you will not understand who he is and what he is doing there. But remember that everything in Marvel titles is happening for some reason.

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