The argument continues with one voice. The government will remain in the nest

"You're a paracula!" "If you talk to me, rinse your mouth!" Fighting in the mud of both government bullying continues with brio and from there in the European elections we will hear about each color. The gigantic brawl that the League and the five stars presented to cover other political actors and win as many voices as possible, and in the midst of the unnecessary Conte government reduced to total paralysis.

The Quirinale does not hide growing concerns: the accounts are falling apart, the economy is at rest, the growth yield is a chilly piece. The downside risk is not the risk of a short-term crisis, but the total "blocking" of government actions.

The open fronts on which Lega and Cinque Stelle argue are all about government knowledge and every day is invented: from the surrealist decree of growth to Salva Roma, from the Siri case to the mandatory lever, from resistance to abortion. Too bad that after every fight, the candidates will ensure that they intend to continue like this. "We have so many things to do, we work with enthusiasm and there is no government crisis in the door," Salvini swears. And Di Maio says, "Of course, no one will open a government crisis, with all the things we have yet to do."

A moment later, the two of them begin to throw floors again. Salvini claims to stop at the Salva Roma and attack the rays: "Roman citizens do not need gifts, but effective administration". Di Maio chews bitter, but he can't justify unjustifiable rays and then throws him on Siri's case. We will never take any steps back to legality. There is a great difference between guaranteeism and, say, paraculism ”. Then he sends his loyalists from Corrao to Uvy to shoot a secret secretary of the Northern League: «Too many doubts and relationships with mafia-related people. Salvini's silence on one of his leading exponents, who are dialogue with those who recycle mafia money, is a pity.

The Northern League leader reacts like fury: "My name – thunder – cannot be approached in any way by the mafia." Who talks about the League must rinse their mouths because we have nothing to do with the mafia.

Prime Minister Conte is also thrown into the fight (he is leaving for China tomorrow, imagining he has a lot of oranges), whose only institutional activity is to reduce daily every day before the Palazzo Chigi. with lone TV crews and reciting fervorino (we'll do it, do it) without unnecessarily annoying questions he wouldn't be able to answer. Yesterday he said very authoritatively that in the case of Siri he would decide everything: "I will obey the subordinate, look into his eyes and take my decisions, taking into account the principle of innocence, to which I am very sensitive as a lawyer (sic, ed)". He then indicated that the decision would indeed be the one already announced by the Casaleggio party, namely the request for resignation. Salvini silences him: "It is not desirable that Conte step down, neither he nor I are judges".

The surrealist ballet then continues with all three who swear in the choir that everything is fine, and the government continues. To the abyss.

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