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The arrival of Battisti in Prison in Oristan, here is what awaits him in jail


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In the province with the lowest crime rate there is a high level of conviction for very serious crimes. Around forty clan leaders and more than a hundred affiliated with the most dangerous criminal organizations are now Cesare Battisti, who begins to pay six months of daily isolation and sentencing to life imprisonment in Oristano Prison. In the countryside of Massama, Massimo Carminati, the head of the mafia's capital, transferred to Sardinia immediately after being released by the 41st regime, is also locked.

The Oristan District House, which was inaugurated in 2012, is not a heavy-duty section, but two of the three weapons are intended for so-called AS1, where convicts are subjected to a high security regime. The structure, new but with many structural problems, is often the center of protests by gangs and camorristi who often can not meet relatives because of the difficulty of reaching Sardinia.

Cesare Battisti arrived in jail at mid-afternoon, inside a prison police van, ahead of a long convoy of patrols. A high-armored, flight-time trip: after the latest formalities at the offices of the Roman Police Headquarters, a former fugitive was loaded into a military flight that took off about half an hour from Pratice di Mare. Last transfer from Cagliari to Oristano. From the last walk in Bolivia to 24 hours.

from Nicola Pinna

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