The cat smells cancer of the owner's breast: "So saved my life"

"My cat saved my life." A woman from Oregon says she is still alive just because her beloved pussy felt something bad, which caused her to diagnose breast cancer in time.

Michelle Pearson and her husband accepted Mii from the kennel a few years ago. No one knows the story before that moment. But he immediately showed a loving and caring cat. "It feels like you feel uncomfortable," he says when talking about Mii, which provides her with incredible support during the oncology treatment she faces.

The battle that Michelle "would have lost if it was not what Mia did in June," when she realized there was something wrong with her. "Suddenly it came to my chest and I rubbed my breasts, then looked at me in the face, right in my eyes and again sniffed the point I did not understand it and dragged it away But she came back, suffered in that place and looked to me, as if she was saying, "I'm trying to tell you something."

At that moment Michelle identified the mass in her chest and understood that she had to be checked immediately. And two days later he was told that no one would ever want to hear: the second stage of breast cancer.

"As we soon find out, my forecasts are much better." There are dogs that are specially trained to suppress cancer, but Mia did not get such training. And it was "just because of his sense smell when I'm here to say, my cat saved my life."

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