The earthquake in Bari and the province: the size of 3.5 with the epicenter in Altamura. No injury or damage

The earthquake shock felt in Bari and the neighboring countries until Matera and immediately registered by the Institute national geophysics and volcanology. At 13:45 Ingv's first tweet predicts the size: "Between 3.4 and 3.9". The Epicenter is in Altamura, 5 miles northeast and 38 kilometers deep. In the data reviewed by the body, the size is definitely set to 3.5.

Several people went to the streets and there were many phone calls for police and firefighters. There are no injuries or damage, as is confirmed by civil protection.

The shock follows two more shocks recorded on 7 November in Barletta and Andria. The first at 14.03, with a depth of three kilometers and a size of 2.3. The second, in Andria, the same day at 20.39, with a size of 2.2.

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