The surgeon replaces the kidney for the tumor and removes it

He exchanges the kidney for a tumor and he, the surgeon, removes it from the woman's body. It happened at a Florida hospital in the Wellington Regional Medical Center. The victim of this oversight was a 51-year-old woman who experienced a knife in 2016. He asked the doctor for help with the pains caused by car accidents years ago. So he did two magnetic resonances, but the doctor who served him would not be seen.

The surgeon took the wrong step in the operating room. In fact, it was removed by the pelvic kidney: a perfectly functioning organ that is not in the body's natural seat: it is rather a rare condition that occurs when a fetus is formed.

These days, the Florida Department of Health has asked the Medical Commission to suspend or revoke the surgeon's professional license or subject it to other sanctions. In the meantime, the hospital separated and said it was a professional, independent of the structure.


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