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Weight Loss Diet How To Lose Weight Fast

Weight Loss Diet How To Lose Weight Loss Fast

DIET DO SLIM – Lose weight. A dream of many, many. How to do it? How to do it in a short time? Obviously, there is no magic. Pay attention to anyone who proposes extreme weight loss without effort and determination. To lose weight, you have to commit yourself.

Loss of weight without compromising your health is not really easy.

On the one hand, it is necessary to reduce the doses and the amount of food we use daily, on the other hand we must ensure that we take the number of calories needed for our needs to prevent them from feeling hungry and so have a constant urge to eat .


How to do it? The trick is to eat the right, healthy and necessary quantity. In fact, we need to balance food and focus on those that allow you to increase the feeling of satiety without crossing fats, sugars or too many carbohydrates.

In fact, our body is a machine that needs several substances in the right balance to maintain itself: overcoming one or significantly reducing others can cause serious health problems.

Proper diet must therefore be able to balance foods and their nutritional properties.

There are various diets that can be tracked and lose weight. What are they? Here are some examples:

Diet to Slimming Mediterranean diet

This is a typical diet for some countries in the Mediterranean, including Italy, but also Spain or Greece.

The diet was awarded worldwide, in 2010 it was recognized by UNESCO as a protected good and included in the list of oral and intangible heritage of humanity.

The Mediterranean diet has spread since the 1950s, when some studies have shown that in areas facing the Mediterranean, life expectancy was among the highest in the world, whereas the incidence of cardiovascular diseases or tumors was very low.

The first studies date back to the 1960s with Ancel Keys, which examined 15,000 individuals and their eating habits.

The American scholar has announced the results of his research in the famous book: Eat well and stay well on the Mediterranean path that presented the benefits of this diet to the world.

It is in fact a diet capable of reducing the incidence of diseases typical of richer societies.

Among the typical foods of the Mediterranean diet, a number of fruits, vegetables, vegetables, bread and cereals, but also potatoes, nuts and various legumes.

In order to properly comply with the rules of this scheme, fresh seasonal fruits, olive oil and dairy products, fish, poultry, red meat and, of course, alcoholic beverages should be preferred.

For simplicity, a pyramid was created that graphically shows what and how much to eat.

As an example, an adult would need about 2500 calories a day, 55-65% of which should be from carbohydrates, 20-30% of lipids and only 10-15% from proteins.


Weight Loss Diet

In 2050, the world's population will reach ten billion: a way to save us and the Earth can reduce the consumption of sugars and red meat in half, preferring fruits, vegetables and legumes. Explain this to the English scientific journal The Lancet, which published the definition of "Universal Reference Diet".

The diet developed by the Eat-Lancet Commission (composed of 37 nutrition and sustainability experts from universities from 16 countries and organizations such as the FAO and WHO) is therefore a dual ambition, at the same time saving the planet from the announced overcrowding.

For this reason, according to experts in the coming years, it would be good to increase the world consumption of fruit, vegetables, legumes and nuts to double.

The Universal Reference Diet offers an income of 2,500 kilocalories a day and is obviously inspired by a Mediterranean diet.

The most suitable foods that provide the right amount of daily energy are about 230 grams of whole grains, 500 fruits and vegetables, 250 dairy products, 14 pieces of meat (beef or pork or sheep), 29 chickens, 13 eggs, 28 fish, 75 legumes, 50 nuts, 31 sugars (added or not). At least 25-29 grams per day of fiber is important, better, though even more. Excellent, like spices, vegetable oils, extra virgin olive oil or rape.

Every 15 grams of extra cereals consumed daily, according to the study, the incidence of heart attack, colon cancer and diabetes is reduced by 2 to 19 percent.


Slimming diet Dukan diet

This is a diet characterized by considerable protein consumption and almost complete absence of fats and carbohydrates. This is why it is also criticized by many.

Pierre Dukan, a French physician, created it. Diet, very popular today that will allow you to quickly lose weight and without any special waiver.

At the base there is a high protein consumption with a high protein content. Dukan is divided into four phases, during which you can eat hundreds of foods without any specific limitations.

A process that promotes our metabolism. In particular, the first two phases allow you to quickly lose weight, the other two help keep the target attained.

The first step is the attack phase. It lasts from 3 to 7 days, according to the needs of the individual and consists of eating 72 food-based foods such as lean meat – red and white – crustaceans, poor dairy products, fish and eggs.

The second phase is called sailing. At this stage, we achieve ideal scales. We add 28 vegetables to 72 protein foods to reach a total of 100, which can be consumed without limitation in quantity.

It is important to drink plenty of water, vegetables, spinach, salad, cucumber and mushrooms can be consumed in vegetables.

The third phase is consolidation and serves just to avoid loss of weight. This stage is also characterized by eating vegetables and proteins to which you can add fruit, cheese, and free meals a week.

Eventually a stabilization phase that allows balance to be maintained for the rest of your life. It is important to exercise at least 20 minutes a day and eat protein only once a week.


Diet to lose weight Ketogenic diet

This diet is based on the formation of ketone bodies in the body, such as beta-hydroxybutyrate, acetoacetic acid and acetone.

The presence of these ketone bodies in the blood can support weight loss. There is no single model of this diet, but it is rather a scheme that has certain properties: first it is low calorie diet, low carbohydrate content and high protein content.

Among the most recommended foods, meat, fish, eggs, cheeses, vegetables. Instead, you should avoid cereals, potatoes, legumes, and alcoholic beverages.

In addition to weight loss, the cogenetic diet is recommended as a food therapy to treat hyperglycaemia or hypertriglyceridemia or to reduce the symptoms associated with childhood epilepsy (but only under medical supervision).

When in ketosis, the body, and especially the brain, use ketone bodies as a source of energy.


Diet to Slimming Rice Diet

It is a hypocaloric and hyperprotective regime that promises to lose up to five pounds per month. As can be easily understood from the title, rice is the main element of this diet.

German doctor Walter Kempner established a clinic. Rice has a high saturation capacity due to its high fiber content and the fact that it absorbs plenty of water during cooking.

This avoids night-time hunger attacks that can not be matched with the right diet. Among other characteristics of rice, which has low sodium content and contains less calories.

The following rice varieties are preferred: rice rice, basmati rice, red rice, any brown rice and wild rice.

Of course, you can and should eat other things: fresh fruit, vegetables, other cereals, non-potato legumes (fresh or dried) and low-protein foods such as very thin cheeses, fish and chicken breasts. Excludes: salt, dressing oil, butter, margarine, fatty and alcoholic foods.


Diet to Slimming Detoxification Diet

This is a generic name that includes and includes different types of diet. It's not the only diet, but a set of rules and tips on how to keep fit and lose weight.

The opportunity to detoxify your body, especially after the time you ate a lot like during the holidays.

We remember one important thing: general advice and information. In fact, you should always consult your doctor before starting a diet.

Also avoid diets that could be more damaging than good.

The detox diet allows you to eliminate toxins, perhaps due to stress that causes digestion, constipation or other illnesses.

The root of these problems is often poor diet, which is characterized by unhealthy and oily foods, as well as the wrong way of life that is too sedentary.

Detox helps improve metabolism, digestion and, of course, loses weight.

It is usually a diet to be observed for seven days.

Here are some useful tips before you start: in the morning you need to drink at least one glass of warm water to which you can add lemon juice.

During the day, you should also drink plenty of fruit juices and at least eight glasses of water. Fruit-rich foods and at least three servings of fresh fruit and green leafy vegetables should also be preferred.

Not just food. To remove harmful toxins, it is also necessary to perform daily physical activity and rest eight hours a night.


Diet Lemme

It is a food philosophy based on the exclusive consumption of carbohydrates and proteins, while fruits, vegetables, sweets and salt are forbidden.

Lemme diet is divided into two different phases: the first is to lose weight until it reaches this form.

The second phase includes a three-month diet that consolidates weight and does not increase weight.

At this stage, food time and the glycemic index of foods are taken into account.

The Lemme diet really pays great attention to the time it is consumed.

Breakfast must be taken until 9.30 am, lunch between 12 and 14 and dinner between 19 and 21.

There is also a snack from 10 am to 11 am and a refreshment between 16 and 17, which consists of a slice of lemon and tea.

As has been said, the foods to be consumed are pasta, meat and fish at will. The amount is not important, in fact what the diet regards as the biological value of these dishes.

It is, as is evident, a diet that favors fats and proteins while almost completely eliminating fruit and vegetables from the menu.

In particular, carbohydrates (and therefore pasta) should be used in the form of pasta only in the morning because they are better disposed of, while meat and fish protein must be reserved for lunch and dinner.

A diet that is not easy to follow due to the repeated consumption of food.


Slimming diet Plank diet

A hyperprotective diet that almost gives up fiber and carbohydrates.

This is Planka's diet, a method that promises to lose weight in a short time, but it is also criticized by many.

All foods that contain proteins such as meat, fish and eggs are favored. In this sense, it is quite similar to Dukan's diet.

It is named after Marx Planck, a scientist and physicist of German nationality, who discovered and spread the "quantum theory". Although it is good to specify this, there is no connection between this diet and the physical one.

Plank diet should be taken for two weeks, then a weight loss of nine kilograms should be achieved.


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