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Apple iPhone X, released in 2017, introduced a new design and operability. The Home button has disappeared and the "Face ID" function has been reinstalled as an alternative lock release feature. In addition, an organic EL display was accepted. It is clear that the components of the new display module on the iPhone X may be faulty and the display sometimes stops responding to the touch or stops responding at all. The display may also respond, even if it is not affected. Apple published this issue on the web on November 9 in the United States.

In the event of any of the above, Apple recommends that you do so in any way, such as seeking an authorized service provider, booking an Apple Store or contacting Apple Support. If iPhone X meets the repairs program requirements, Apple will replace the screen for free.

Also in the 13-inch "MacBook Pro" sold between June 2017 and June 2018, Apple also said that the SSD, which has a problem that could cause data loss and disk failure, says there is a possibility of installing and repairing the program.

The user can enter the computer serial number into a web page and check whether it is the subject of this program. If so, Apple asks you to continue repairing.

Provided by: Sarah Tew / CNET

Provided by: Sarah Tew / CNET

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