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AppleIt isiPhone XRPeople, Landscape, etc., Who Shooted! Team Lab Also included are photos taken in Odaiba.

While Apple is the only lens, it shows that a portrait mode can be used that can blur the background of the subject and that it can also take place in a lighter environment.

Shot with iPhone XR: People, Landscapes, and Other User Images
The iPhone XR, equipped with the latest camera system designed by Apple, can use a portrait mode that can use sophisticated blur effects while using a single lens. Shooting with a wide-angle lens Portrait photography is beautifully finished even in very light situations.

The 6.1-inch Liquid Retina display, which extends from the edge of the iPhone XR, is a great viewfinder, and intelligent HDR clearly portrays details of the bright and dark areas of the entire photo. The battery boasts the longest iPhone in-car driving time, and you can take perfect pictures at any time using the iPhone XR.

Quote Origin: Photographed iPhone XR: Numbers of people, landscape, and other user images

Pictures taken with iPhone XR

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What is the meaning of "S" iPhone XS, "R" iPhone XR?

Is the iPhone XR better than spec? Do not tell the numbers!

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