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[경제]Ministry of the Land, "Calpia" still … 31 cases of incorrect preferential seizure


It was found that officials of the Department of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism deviated from the so-called "Calpia" by receiving preferential treatment from related companies such as airlines.

I did an internal audit and there were still situations such as free use of airport airport lounges and the privilege of upgrading aircraft seats.

It's a report by reporter Kim Hyun-woo.


From 2015 to last year, a total of 22 employees traveled abroad, including Mr A. from the National Aviation Administration.

Fifteen of them used the free airport lounge provided by the airline for every business trip.

Seven, with the exception of one pensioner, accepted an economic function until the modernization of the trading venue.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport has issued distrust and warnings against persons caught in internal audits.

Government officials' deviations under the Ministry of Land, Transport and Tourism did not stop here.

Three members of the local authority received the golf twice after playing golf with the officials.

In addition, when reviewing the airline business license, it was found that it had been neglected in the process or that the civil service had not been properly dealt with.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MIOC) audited 31 employees who took part in inspections in July-December last year and punished 30 people, with the exception of one pensioner.

Four years ago, the Department of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs (KNHC) issued a stigma entitled "Karpia,"

Since then, we have tried to prevent employees from deviating from efforts at midnight and internal regulations, but it seems difficult to avoid criticism that the introduction of public discipline has been limited to "public fire" because the internal situation is still widespread.

YTN Kim Hyun-woo[].

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