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[사회]15 NK bet appears to be tied to success …


Bus drivers in large regions across the country called for a general strike next month that required staffing and wage retention due to reduced working hours.

If there is a real strike, over 20,000 buses at national level will cease to function and cause "traffic disruption".

Press reporter for connection. Reporter Kim Jae Hwa!

The National Bus Union warned the general strike on next month. Do you still have procedures?


Yes. The 15 trade union unions of the National Automobile Workers Union, including the Seoul Bus Association, will now ask for a settlement.

There are 234 trade unions operating in more than half of the 479 national bus companies.

About 20,000 buses and 40,000 people take part.

8. next month we will vote on the strike.

If you do not find an agreement between worker and management by the 15th of the following month, the strike will stop and the bus will stop.

More than 300 bus drivers will be in operation by July 1, and bus companies will be shortened from January 1 next year, with 15,000 new workers needed by the end of the year. Apply only 1,250 new employees.

Business owners and local governments meanwhile could not offer any countermeasures, so bus operations are inevitable.


What are the biggest demands of bus companies?


Yes. It is the central government's financial support for recruiting, maintaining wages and addressing the problem.

Automakers point out that bus companies are responding to reduced working hours by not leading new people but reducing the number of vehicles and routes.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport encourages local governments to cancel routes and reduce travel.

The key to a work conflict is also the problem of wage cuts for bus drivers as a result of reduced working hours.

Bus driver's salaries are half the base salary and excess wages exceed 30% due to overtime.

Gyeonggi-do bus operators say wages are reduced by approximately 1 million wins a month due to reduced working hours.

The bus union demands that the central government actively seek financial support for the purpose of standardizing bus transport.

Meanwhile, since 2015, the loss of public transport transfer will be about 1.4 trillion wins, which local authorities claim.

So far I have been told by the administration.

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