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[정치]It must be a quick rush … "Now it's civilization" vs. "torch"


At the end of a vigorous confrontation, the four ruling and opposition parties, which excluded a free Korean government, published a plan to reform the electoral system and the air traffic control law on the fast track, the so-called fast track.

Given that the Free Korean Party against

I'll go to the National Assembly. Choi Min Ki!

I think the appearance of each side is very different today.


Unlike today's wild situation, each party was calm and welcomed the day.

The Democratic Party, which is recognized as a historically meaningful day right after the fast track, is now focusing on dealing with the Criminal Law Act and the Rich Public Benefit Act.

The Chairman of the Policy Moderation Committee, who chaired the in-house meeting, apologized to the Korean people for six days of unlawful violence on behalf of President Hwang Young-pyo and urged them to cooperate with the normalization of the National Assembly.

Let me hear it.

[조정식 / 더불어민주당 정책위의장 : 자유한국당도 이제 무모한 폭력과 불법 행위를 중단하고 국회로 돌아와 법안 심의와 민생 현안 해결에 동참해야 할 것입니다.]

The Democratic Party of Peace and Reform has also said that the fast track is a sign of reform.

On the other hand, Rep. Son Hak-kyu and Kim Kwan-young, who suffered extreme frustration during the rapid promotion process, held a joint press conference, as mentioned earlier, and presented a plan for the party.

For the time being, the plan focuses on the movement of the party, but so-called right-wing lawmakers, including Yoo Seung-min, are still strongly opposed to controversy.


The Korean government has announced a tough stance.

Did you come up with a specific plan?


The Korean Government intends to hold a plenary session this afternoon.

So it seems that a concrete plan to fight loans will be decided in the afternoon.

Previously, Hwang said that after determining Fast Track, the CIS would continue to fight the dictatorial candles with the torch of liberal democracy.

Let's hear Hwang's notes shortly after the quick trip yesterday.

[황교안 / 자유한국당 대표 : 문재인 정권이 독재를 포기하고 항복할 때까지 우리는 국민 속으로 돌아가서 국민들과 함께 싸우고 또 싸우겠습니다.]

KCTU is also considering a bridging fight, including a boycott of the National Assembly plan and tent pits.

However, there is a cautious view of rejecting and exploring the future, including the Pohang earthquake and the measures against the Kangwon Forest Fire, and it is said that we are fighting for countermeasures.


So far I've been Choi Min-ki in the National Assembly.

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