2 NK strike is associated with success … Interview with the student several times

(Source = Run Reports)

(Source = Run Reports)

Part of the report from a high school teacher in Nonsan province in the southern province of Chungcheong was boys.

At the 12th edition of the "Start News" report, the message was shared between a 30-year-old woman and a student A who recently had sexual relations with two younger students.

In the letter, the teacher left shocking notes like "go to a pharmacy and buy a pregnancy test machine", "if pregnancy", "I want some baby", "Let's get married"

And the teacher said, "Well, I want to see you, I'm excited," he said, expressing love.

They exchanged messages even after the case was discovered. The teacher said, "You look good at school, and it's a term, I want to live," and the group said it was nervous about the current situation, such as "my mother knew when I drank my cell phone."

On November 11, the wife of a female teacher claimed her wife had committed a crime last year, including several times sexual intercourse with student A, junior high school. In addition, it was suspected that Mr. B, who noticed the relationship between the two men, had sex with the teacher.

The incident became known and many were in shock. The Cheong Wa Dae draft on the website of the National Bureau of Petition also published a petition entitled "Nonsan's students ask me to thoroughly investigate the rape of juvenile boys."

The teacher had advised her to resign in April and divorced her husband in August.

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