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[아프리카TV 보도자료]    Africa TV (TV), FIFA Online 4 amateur league progress _20181109.jpg

[비즈트리뷴=설동협 기자] African TV will host amateur leagues for FIFA Online Four Mania around the world.

Africa TV has announced that FIFA Online will have 4 amateur league AFATT (AfreecaTV FIFA Online4 Amateur Triple Team Tournament) from November 14 to January 13 next year.

AFATT will be held in 3vs3 dyne team confrontation mode, covering FIFA Online's 4th most powerful team in the country.

The qualifying league will take place in 16 designated PC rooms across the country, including Soul, Busan, Suwon, Gwangju, Daegu, Daejeon and Wonju.

Only the team that goes through the first place in each regional qualifier will have the right to move to the 16th round and all matches will be broadcasted live on African TV from the 16th round.

He will take part in the main broadcasts with comments by Park Jong-yoon, sports specialist Jong-yoon Kaster, commentator Lee Joo-hun and FIFA Online 4 professional BJ "Duchi a Puku".

In addition, Africa TV plans to run different events for FIFA Online 4 enthusiasts who are looking for upcoming events.

Nexon cash will be provided to all participants in the preliminary competition and the person who has the football outfit and accessories will be presented with game items.

In addition to offering goods for multi-mode 3vs3 winners, various other roulette prices are offered on site.

At the end of the preliminary round, lottery events will also take place, including a range of products such as the XBOX ONE pad, FIFA Online 4,

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