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The Free Standards Committee and the Special Committee for Enhancing the Organization of the National Intelligence Committee, which were conflicts at the time of the Convention, eventually clashed.

The former Commissioner, who does not agree with the "Do not get caught" alert, held a special extraordinary night-night meeting.

At a long meeting, it was confirmed that the former member and leadership of non-members were unable to reduce this difference.

The journalist reports that it's Kim.


Last night, the Special Committee's office strengthened the freedom of the Korean government.

An extraordinary meeting with four members of the external committee, including the former committee, was held.

[전원책/자유한국당 조강특위 위원 : “무슨 근거로 나보고 해촉 운운하고, 온갖 말들이 나오는지 모르겠어요. 나는 그것부터가 코미디라는 생각을 해요.”]

The opposition is due to become a national meeting scheduled for February next year, but the former commissioner does not agree with later postponement of the reform.

It still raises concerns that the party is in the party, and the South Korean side warned a former member of the committee, "Be careful what you say."

Former Commissioner Kim Byung-joon criticized the deputy chairman and said, "Do you think the ruling party can go?"

Kim Tae-tae of South Korea joined the retreating committee of the Chosun Special Commission to avoid the situation and it was four hours hard to remove this gap.

[김용태/자유한국당 사무총장 : “전당대회를 포함한 스케쥴에 대해서 저희는 변경하기 불가하단 말씀을 드렸는데 그것에 대해서 동의하기 어렵다는 말씀을.”] [전원책/자유한국당 조강특위 위원 : “당의 면모일신이 중요한것이냐 아니면 자기들이 생각해놓은 시간표가 중요한가 이 문제에요. 거기에 시각 차이가 너무 커요.”]

Kim Tae-tae said he would report the situation to NGOs.

The General Assembly of the Attorney General will also be held this afternoon.

If the former Commissioner is appointed or the members of the Voluntary Resignation Committee voluntarily resign, there is an analysis that work on party personnel reform is inevitably worse.

This is KBS News Kim.

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