Daejeon Sun Hospital, 22. Health Day "Diabetes Day"

[[[[Daejeon = Chungcheong Ilbo reporter Lee Han-young] Daejeon Sun Hospital (Daejeon Sun Hospital) Daejeon Sun Hospital (Daejeon Sun Hospital) will host a health lecture for patients, guardians and ordinary citizens at Daejeon Sun hospital on the 8th floor of Daejeon Hospital.

In this lecture, which takes place on the 3rd day of diabetes, △ prevents and detects diabetic foot (Nam Sukmin, director of endocrinology and internal medicine) △ bacteria that causes diabetic foot infection (infectious internal doctor Kwang Min Kim) △ diabetic foot – vascular surgery, director Kim Young-gyun), △ There are other treatments for diabetes mellitus in addition to cutting (the director of the department of orthopedic surgery Kim Joon-bum) and the Diabetes Diet for easy monitoring.

Diabetic foot is a typical complication of diabetes that involves a disease in which there are nerve anomalies or in the legs appear peripheral vascular diseases that cause infection, ulceration, or destruction of the deep leg of the tissue.

Worldwide, it is known that 15-25% of diabetic patients have diabetic foot disease.

Especially in cold weather, which runs from late autumn to winter, blood circulation in the body becomes boring, and the risk of developing diabetic foot becomes even greater.

This course is free for anyone interested.

"It is difficult to treat diabetes due to many risk factors involved in the development of ulcers," said Kim Jun-beom, director of the orthopedic surgery department. "To treat the diabetic foot," It is very important that together with the risk factors work together together. "

"Diabetic foot should be carefully managed with caution, such as infections and diets, to reduce the risk of developing and reducing the length of hospitalization." This lecture will help patients, caregivers and the general public to increase their interest in the diabetic foot. I hope that it will help me in my daily life in the prevention and control of diabetes. "

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