Gavin and Sanchez compete in the same group … Tri-out is attended by 19 people (synthesis)

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"Let us make a strong impression for the re-entry of the Korean Volleyball League."

The male tri-out (open selection) pick up a foreign player to play in the upcoming 2019-20 season volleyball league will be held for three days at 7th (Toronto Time) in Toronto, Canada.

The trio will undergo a medical examination and three practical exercises on the first day and the last day of the proposal will be held at 6:30 pm at 9 am at the Chelsea Hotel in Toronto.

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Gavin Schmidt (33, 208 cm), a Canadian native "monster striker", who is considered the greatest trio of the year, and Cuban Michael Sanchez (31, 206 cm) in the same group.

Gavin and Sanchez, who finished second and first in the seven boys out of 30 invited players, except four, who played at home this season, were placed in the first group next to each other.

Three teams, each consisting of six to seven players, play rounds and practice games, and the same group of players compete for positions to change positions and gain oversight.

Athletes showcase their skills by repeatedly accepting, alternating and blocking practical play.

Due to the physical conditions of players who have moved a long distance, we take breaks in the morning and test them intensively in the afternoon.

Gavin, who received first-place advice from two clubs, is a proven team that has won three consecutive seasons in the 2009-10 season, the 2010-11 season and three consecutive seasons at the Samsung Fire Championship. .

Gavin will be present only on the first day of the training game due to his current Olympic Championship.

Light Sanchez, who was active on Korean Air from 2013-14 to 2015-16, was only second in the team but was ranked 1st in the preference ranking after receiving club recommendations.

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In addition to Gavin and Sanchez, the first group included Jake Langleois (26, 208 cm) from the United States and Wright Michal Finger from the Czech Republic (25,201 cm).

Bravam van Dinders (29, 207 cm) from Belgium, who played in the OK Savings Bank in OK, and Left Stephen Hunter (28, 198 cm), who was nominated by Hyundai Capital in first and second position, Uganda's Light Ow O & # 39 Kelly (23, 204 cm) was assigned.

In the third group, France Light John Bent (25, 198 cm), who plays in the Turkish League, and Italy's light Andrea Santa Gelo (24, 198 cm) was tied.

However, there are not many people who would miss this man.

19 out of 30 participants were confirmed the day before departure.

Eleven people were missing due to personal circumstances and difficulties in issuing visas.

In the women's triumph, eight nicholleta ferrović lights were missing.

The volleyball player said, "In the case of Canada, it is difficult to obtain a visa from Russia, Eastern Europe, Africa, and South American players, with the exception of North America and the European Union, as in the United States," he said. It seems to have worked. "

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All players who were ninth in the team's preference rating attended, but the selection of teams was limited by the absence of players who received the lowest recommendation.

On the other hand, the athlete's candidate will allocate a total of 140 beads in the order of the beads in proportion to the results of the 2018-19 season.

Hyundai Capital, which has the largest share of Korea Electric Power (KEPCO), which has been pushed to the bottom of the men's division and has won the championship match, gets at least five.

The number of balls in other clubs is 6 KB KBI (30), No. 5 OK Savings Bank (25), No. 4 Samsung Fire (20), No. 3 Card Woori (15) 10) in the order.


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