Hwanghae, Jongbeom and Prosecutors Song Kyung-kyung "ill"

[한국스포츠경제=최지윤 기자] Kuhara from Kary told her former hair designer Jongbeom and prosecutor Song Chi-kyung.

KUHARA wrote on the 9th facility "COVER ROOM" "PHOTOGRAPHY". Choi Jong-beom and two-way attack and private life After video controversy, it stays at the heart of two months.

According to the police in Gangnam province in Seoul, it is planned that Kuhara will be sent this week to prosecutors for alleged injuries and alleged violations of the special law on detriment, intimidation, coercion, sexual abuse and punishment and property damage.

Jong Bum was accused of killing Kuhara in the process of assaulting each other around 1 am on September 13. "I'm going to end the life of the entertainer," he said, and sent Kuhary to the sexual intercourse and sent the e-mail he was supposed to send.

Police searched the Jeongbeom home on October 2, his car, his workplace, and so on, but found no suspicion of distributing the video to other people or online. However, as a result of a police investigation, photographs taken without the consent of Jang Bombeong were confirmed. On May 22, the police filed an arrest warrant for Jongbe, but they were released. Photo = OSEN

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