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I don't know what to do … 5 hits in a row

The Choo Shin-soo major league team raised three hits, including three homers in the season,
We continued the march.

It's Lee Jung Chan.


Cho's bat returned from the first shift in the first round.

After hitting a full-backs hit against the Seattle Swanson starter, he struggled at home with a fighter first hit home.

In the seventh two-out I picked up the 10th RBI in the first and second base.

And in the ninth inning he hit the third homer in the season and hit the third in the season.

Sadjek pulled the rider and pulled out a solo arc in two games.

Choo, who had five consecutive hits, hit the .340 with an OBP of 0.42 and a percentage delay of 0.57.

Only last year was the feeling of being hit on top, chosen as the first all-star in my life, so for the second year in a row I can watch the All-Star game.

Texas had a victory in Seattle for two consecutive days.

Colorado's Lady Seung – hwan had his first loss in the third home run of the season.

(Image editing: Kim Byungjik)

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