"I feel responsible" … Aizu won three music broadcasts

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[이데일리 스타in 김윤지 기자]The AIDS One (IZ * ONE) group is at the top for two consecutive weeks.

Aizu won "The Show Choice" as the debut album La Vie en Rose in the 20th century SBS MTV music program "The Show".

After a month's debut, Aizu won the top trophy at the same time as M10's M Countdown. TOP10 and managed to achieve the third prize of music by being second in the show.

Immediately after broadcast, Aizu won: "Thank you for getting two prestigious awards once I make my debut, and I do not feel it anymore." "I am always grateful and frustrated to those who provide support with great care and love, and I feel responsible that I should show a good image without giving it, it will be Aizu One, who will work better in the future.

Aizu Won continues in a number of record-breaking marches. His debut album, Colorize, recorded for the first time more than 80,000 sales volumes, and for the first time in his debut album he recorded a debut debut in a girls' band that toured Oricon and Tower Records in Japan, entered the Billboard World Charter in the US, . The Lavigne Rhodes music video has successfully surpassed one million views of the official YouTube channel in just 3 hours and 40 minutes of publicity, reaching a total of more than 20 million views on November 11th.

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