‘Invincible’ BTS sweeps 2 MAMA awards for 2 consecutive years – Dong-A Ilbo

  1. ‘Invincible’ BTS, rejects 4’MAMA ‘award for 2 consecutive yearsDong-A Ilbo
  2. “In Heavy Rehabilitation” BTS, Suga, received the Album of the Year award by phoneChosun Ilbo
  3. ‘2020 MAMA’ BTS wins best music video for ‘Dynamite’JoongAng Ilbo
  4. ‘2020 MAMA’ BTS wins album of the year … James Corden and Sugar appear in surpriseKorean economy
  5. BTS Jimin, impression of 6 crowns “MMA 2020” “Thanks to” Ami “… the festival starts now”Chosun Ilbo
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