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A free Korean lawyer who told me he went to 10th round and accepted ten times had a hard news in the month. The former lawyer strongly replied that he was treated as a subcontractor.

It's Kim Soo-young.


The Korean government has been hard pressed for 29 days to appoint a special committee to strengthen the organization of the energy system.

The announcement was made in a text message, but the chief lawyer was unhappy.

[전원책/변호사 (前 한국당 조강특위 위원) : 드디어 문자로 모든 걸 정리하는구나 하고 알게 됐습니다. 놀라운 일이죠. 말을 자제해야 될 것 같습니다. 잘못하면 폭로를 하거나 비방을 하는 것밖에 되지 않으니까.]

A former lawyer was in breach of his party's extension of parliamentary activity by insisting on personal renewal.

He deliberately criticized Kim Byung-joon, Vice-President of the National Assembly, and said:

A former lawyer is a person in person.

[김병준/자유한국당 비상대책위원장 : 내 팔을 하나 이렇게 잘라내는 그런 심정으로 이런 결정을 하게 됐습니다.]

A former lawyer said he was treated as a subcontractor.

[전원책/변호사 (前 한국당 조강특위 위원) : 2월 말 전당대회 한다는 말은 12월 15일까지 현역 물갈이를 마치라는 말이에요. 가능하지 않습니다. 인적 쇄신을 하지 말란 말과 똑같아요.]

In less than a month, I was able to say that the Korean side's innovation had emerged before the beginning.

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