Kim Jong-tae attacked Kim Sang-gon with fake news … In two hours "apple"

"Kim Sang's daughter-winners are twins … This is a typical project,
"CIS rumors were confirmed"

The South Korean government has officially apologized that it is not true within two and a half hours after Kim Daegon, a former Social Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education, suspected her daughter could be involved in the denial of admissions. Kim Sung-tae, Deputy Prime Minister, said at a meeting on September 16: "Kim Kim, who was responsible for the child of former Prime Minister Kim as a teacher of Homeroom, raised suspicion that he was the daughter of Sookmyung's daughter, I came to our party."

Kim Yong Tae, Secretary-General Kim Tae-tae, said: "Kim's daughter has gone through a prestigious private dental high school in Seoul." If you judge suspicions that are intensifying in the social network (SNS), it's just a coincidence. accusations have been published on several Internet newsletters since late last month.

However, according to the Ministry of Education, Mr. A never served as the second and third daughter of Kim, who came from the Sookmyung Girls' High School among the three Kim's daughters. The suspicion posed by the South Korean side is a "fake message" that is not true from the start. In addition, both daughters are known to be graduates of foreign universities and private universities in Seoul.

Kim told reporters at 12 o'clock in the afternoon and said, "I have recognized these suspicions of the CIS, and I have publicly spoken about this, but I sincerely admit that I have neglected confirmation of this," Kim said, "I would apologize to my daughter, Mrs. Sook Myung Kim for their sincere excuse. "

Hong Jung Soo reporter [email protected]

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