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Korea Sports:[그래픽] Two games have left Manchester City Liverpool

  • Upcoming events in Manchester, Liverpool. Graphics = Kim Myung Suk

[스포츠한국 김명석 기자] It's a competition that really sweats your hands.

MANCHESTER CITY and LIVERPOOL are in the final stage of the Premier League (EPL) for the season. With one point ahead of Manchester City, there are now two more games remaining. Now, according to the results of these two games, the EPL Championship trophy is decided on.

Manchester is a good site. He scored 92 points (30 wins, 2 draws and 4 losses), one point ahead of Liverpool. Regardless of the performance of Liverpool, the chance to win a "magnet" is open. If you win both remaining two games, you can get to the top of the league yourself.

The 37th round is home to Leicester City, the eighth place at 4 am on July 7. He's a tough opponent. Manchester City lost 1-2 in the last league match in December. One of the four losses this season against Manchester City is a loss for Lester.

In addition, they recently recorded a 3-0 victory against Arsenal and a point from Liverpool in January. There's a chance he's going to be a "hitter" in Manchester City.

The League Final match is off game against Brighton and Hove Albion. It will be held at 11 am on the 12th next month. Brighton is in a tough fight for the remaining 17th in the league. It may be a time of destiny for Manchester City to be left and displaced to Brighton.

Liverpool will be on his way to Newcastle United on 3:45, with 91 points (28 wins, 7 draws, 1 draw) on Sunday. It's a game that has to win three points at a point that plays 37 laps ahead of Manchester City. If you slip into Newcastle, you can end the competition at Round 37.

Newcastle's motivation is inevitably declining, as has been confirmed. But it's the last home stay. In addition, Liverpool has never won a Newcastle victory since their victory in 2013. FC Barcelona has to face the pressure in the UEFA Champions League quarterfinals.

I play at home with Wolverhampton Wanderers at 11:00 at 12 in the final match. If you win a competition before the final competition, you have the advantage of giving home fans back to the final match. The key is whether Wolverhampton's "blast", the seventh in the first season promotion, will last. If the UEFA Europa League competitions in Wolverhampton are up to the end, it can also be a variable.

Meanwhile, Manchester City has been a challenging Liverpool for 29 consecutive years, after two consecutive seasons last season.

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