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Enter 2018.11.12 at 18:41

"I will talk to him and convince him if he has any political power, be it the Korean Government or the right-wing party to create a new conservative mandate," said Lee Joo-joo,

Lee said, "It seems to me that today I worry about my political movement," said Sohn Hak-kyu, the right-wing party leader who told his party that he should "clarify his identity and identity." Lee said, "We hope President Roh will try to create a new salary, not an old-fashioned look like a party or a banquet."

Lee, the right party's future legislator. / News

Lee said on his Facebook page: "Now people are not interested which side is the center or the center." What matters is whether a new line of rewards will be created. It is the question of who is making a policy with a devoted spirit. "

Lee said, "The right party should become a conservative side of innovation and integration, it should lead to a single opposition to the opposition, to prevent the conquest of the Moon Jae-in and to become a political party that can be a will for people. your place and your strength. "

Lee said, "As Mr. Lee said:" Since Lee's participation in the event, there was no consensus with this party. "" I was very impressed by the young people who gathered that day, "I'll talk to everyone with a group of young people who want to innovate and integrate protection, no matter which political party it belongs," he said.

Lee said, "I think the behavior of the selfish and self-centered not only on the Uri side, but also on the Korean side brought about the decline of the current Conservative Party." "I think it is necessary to give everything in terms of values". Lee said, "I was acting this way and doing so in the future."

Lee emphasized: "During the lecture I did not understand the Korean side and I need a new plan," he said.

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