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Nancy Jang Jin-jin Divorce Court, Yoo Tube Transformation … Similarity

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The divorce dispute of Nancy Lang and Wang Jin-jin (formerly known as Territory) has turned into a tuber.

"I had a lot of twists, from marriage to divorce, with the love I chose wrong," Nancy said on the 29th instagram. "I started broadcasting YouTube myself, sharing this valuable experience with more people." I noticed that I started YouTube.

Nancy said, "My sister, a filmmaker with divorce experience, and my younger brother, Goldmith, have been involved in the divorce." I want to share a story about love, love, separation, marriage and divorce, and I hope I can solve my real problems.

Nancy turned into a tuber in the battle.

At 27, Wang Jin-jin released 10 videos, totaling about 3 hours and 30 minutes, on YouTube Justice and Truth Tube & # 39; account.

Wang Jin-jin told his prosecutor's office that he was contacted by the prosecutor's office before he was contacted by the prosecutor's office to ask for his appointment, and said, "Did you know that the prosecution has stopped the prosecution? I didn't know I wanted to. "There's evidence in the mobile phone and I have nothing to do, so I don't have to go there," he said. I didn't want to be investigated, but I had no reason. T.

As for Nancy, who is going through divorce proceedings, "the media is not bothering (victim) Nancy Lynn, she is a woman without any guilt." "I did not allow my social life to bite me from the press that I had done some unhappy prisons in the past and made some mistakes in my life, and in particular some of the reporters wrote" fiction "that I had falsified the letter of nature. bones and left.

Not only that, but also actor Yun Ji-oh, who appeared as a witness to a late natural event, said, "I saw Yun Ji-oh as a liar in the press, just like me. I want to say Yun-ji.

Meanwhile, Nancy Lin and Wang Jin-jin reportedly took Wang Jin-jin in December 2017, but they married in September last year. Nancy Lang advocated many suspicions and disputes over Wang Jin-jin, including Wang Jin-jin's life in prison, that she is being tried for fraud, embezzlement, electronic footwear, de facto marriage, However, in September last year, Nancy was informed about his departure after 10 months of marriage, arguing that Wang Jin-jin was violent and was subjected to a pornography rebellion, jail, and intimidation. Both are under legal divorce.

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