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Yoo Seung-min, legislator of the Future Party, hosts a press conference at the National Assembly on 28 October. [최승식 기자]

Yoo Seung-min, legislator of the Future Party, hosts a press conference at the National Assembly on 28 October. [최승식 기자]

The right future party, which has played a key role in launching the accelerated track, creates a paradoxical situation in which a fast track is stopped by itself. In fact, the departure of the right-wing party was a significant factor in the disappearance of the Special Committee on Political Reforms and Reform of the Judicial Reform, which was scheduled to take place on 26 March.

At 21:20, a special committee for dealing with the Airborne Police Act took place in a dramatic meeting room led by the Democratic Party. Eight Democrats and one true future party (Lee Jae-hoon) attended. Lee Sangmin, chairman of the committee, proposed a bill and needed 11 people to vote (more than three-fifths agreed). Chae Bae, a member of the right-wing party, returned to the National Assembly and Park Ji-won, a member of the Democratic Party who intended to go to the district, was on alert at Yongsan Station. It was a situation where only a fast airborne method was able to burn on a fast track according to coupons and the will of the right future party.

But about 20 minutes after the meeting began, things changed. "I have a lot of expectations for today's meeting, but when I see a big bipartisan conflict, I think the meeting won't run smoothly, and I'll sit down," Lim said.

Democratic legislators were ashamed of Lima's sudden departure. Why did Mr. Lim, who attended the meeting, leave his place? Analysts said the opposition of committee members who have the right to change the future affects the private committee. Democrats and the Democratic People's Party have managed to agree on an accelerated path, and the right future party, the Democratic Peace Party and the Justice Party, are meeting each other for reforming electoral laws. In the case of a court, the electoral law is discussed in a special order. He is expected to go through a quick path in the original speculation. Kim Dong-cheol and Seong Sik Kim, members of the right-wing party, agree to amend the electoral law.

However, two lawmakers were absent from the Special Committee, which was scheduled to hold on 26th. Kim Dong – cheol went down to Gwangju at the same time. Kim Dong-chul, a ruling party member, said, "Once Kwon Eun-Kim Kwan-young, head of the ruling party, said on May 25," I'd like to see two board members "replacing Kwon Eun-hee as legislator and Chae- Hoon Yim as legislator.

Kim Seong-sik also said in a telephone conversation with JoongAng Ilbo that "the people who voted for the fast track were very concerned about the unreasonable situation," he said. I don't think I should see it. In other words, it was not easy to name a quick way as a future party by opening only a special commission (court law) in a situation where the expected commission (Election Law) Future Party official said: "Kim Won-jae" Kwon Eun-hee " shakes the quick phase. "

On the other hand, on 28 December, Yoo Seung-min, the legislator of the Future Party, held a press conference and demanded that "Sohn Hak-kyu and Kim Kwan-yong cancel the illegal report against the same party".

Choi Minwoo and reporter Yu Sungwoon

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