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In addition, the Democratic Party criticized the general strike of the Confederation of Democratic Labor Unions (KCTU).

"We regret that we were unable to solve the major problems of work through social dialogue and eventually decided to strike," said Hong Young-poo's CEO at 21st.

"I would like to think about how strikes and out-of-court fighting, instead of social dialogue, can help solve the problems of our society," he said. "We expect a change in KCTU's proactive stance as an important member of an economic society."

At a press conference on December 12, compared to what the KCTU criticized as "not a place to speak," the KCTU lowered its speech, but it seems to send out a message about "engaging in conversation and participating."

Hong said: "If the working group agrees on a flexible working system (extending the unity period), the National Assembly will follow its respect and legislation." The main agreement of the ILO on freedom of association, and that ratification of conventions parliaments will be possible if they reach an agreement on economic, social and labor issues. "

Lee Soo-jin, a former member of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, said: "Workers have tried to survive in difficult times, but there are many cases where communication is resolved by minimizing unnecessary social conflicts and solving problems." I asked to come back.

"I hope the KCTU is taking part in the Korean government's tide in a short period of time, and we should create a chapter that addresses the pain of illegal migrant workers." .

So there is a strong criticism of the KCTU's general strike in the leadership of DPP and other passports.

However, creating relationships with work associations is another problem.

We are confronted with various problems in terms of various job-related issues, ranging from widening the scope of the minimum wage to expanding the flexible work system period, but we can not get back to the labor market, which is the main support base for the passport.

However, the adoption of labor market requirements made it difficult for the middle class to escape the already visible decline.

Therefore, the passport should issue a policy of respect for the work, the workers and the working groups should be separated.

"I think KCTU and KTU are no longer social minorities," said President Jung-seok Lim, Vice-Chairman of the National Assembly's Steering Committee. I should share it, "he said.

"If the former government did not recognize the organization of work as an economic unit, it would be considered an economic entity," said Kang Hoon-sik, chairman of the Democratic Party's Strategic Planning Committee.

Kang said, "As the government in most ordinary workers accepts minimum wage growth and income-based growth, the KCTU has to play a role in facing government policy as an important subject of the economy," he added.

He said: "We have to work with existing interest groups and work for workers and socially disadvantaged people." While working groups are difficult, we call on trade unions to desperately change their attitudes. "He said.


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