Purpose of "Plant Doosan" regeneration, 4th game SK 2-1 defeated 2 wins 2 L base

8 Under pressure to win … 19 home "rifles"
1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & quot; Suh Shin-in & quot; Ham-Duk Ju, 2nd inning 2S
SK, Kwang-Hyun Kim, 6th shift,

Doosan Ilsan scored a two-month homer in the eighth direction, which in the fourth game Korea Series with SK in Incheon SK Happy Dream Stadium on the 9th place scored 0-1. A small photo is a full-fledged bat with a short bat for precise impact. Incheon = New Science

Doosan Outfielder Suebin is the fastest way in the KBO league. Both hands holding the bat are about 15 cm from the knob (round handle at the end of the bat). It is an extreme grip that uses only two-thirds of the bat.

After returning to Doosan last year to the National Police Service, he said, "I am not a home batter." After playing various tasks at the police station, I realized that the short bat is the best for me, the power is low but much more accurate . "

Sohn Bin, who debuted in Doosan in 2009, has only 19 houses in 10 years. As a typical tickler he found the best way to survive. Before the Korean TV series he said: "The home run was completely erased in my head."

But it was an unexpected home of one of the few who had saved Doosan, who was on the verge.

Doosan won 2: 1 in the 4th Korea Series with SK in the Incheon SK Happiness Dream stadium in 9th place thanks to Lindblum hits and the second finishing in the eighth. . Doosan, who went 1-winning and 2-run on the third leg, scored a winning balance with a 2-2 record.

The day before the match both teams won the match. Unlike SK, who left Ace Kim Kwang-Hyun on the road, Doosan replaced Lee Young, who just announced, with Lind White Blum.

Two starting pitchers have made a fictional battle of luxury that they have hardly beat. Kim Kwang-Hyun showed 6 times a total of unsuccessful innings in six shifts and Lind Blum scored one run with three hits and 10 strikeouts in seven shifts. The only points scored by both teams until it was seventh was won at the start of SK Kim Kang Min.

SK seemed to have booked the Korea Series trophy after gaining third place. Tracy Hillman, SK, is trying to consolidate his career at the 7-year international Sanchez mug,

The dramatic change took place in eighth place when Doosan attacked. In the first baseman he played a short swing balloon (153 km / h), the fourth in Sanchez. But the ball hit the middle of the bat and went straight up and went over the right fence. The distance is 110 meters. At the right moment he felt homerun and his arms wide open, Sanchez wrapped his head in both hands. Doosan, who lacked a chance to score in the first half of the game, was accepted as home team. He was a MVP with two hits and two RBIs.

Doosan kept the victory by giving the final pitcher Ham-deok from the end of the eighth shift 2-1. Hameduk, who scored in two opponents without scoring, won the match with the Korean series 2.

Doosan's defense, which made five mistakes in the last three matches, found her way into the game. The third baseman, Huh Kyung-min, made a left wrist stroke for SK after a sliding catch and the first baseman Ryu Ji-hyuk hit the ball in the eighth direction.

The fifth game opens at 22:00 at 22:00. Doosan is Furanskov and SK is Park Jong-hoon.

Incheon = Lee Hun-jae [email protected]

▼ "More trust in my defense down" ▼ ▼

△ Doosan Kim Tae-(Jeong) Subin could not really think of it really, really …. I thought it was a real moment, but I thought I was going with him. Lindblum felt seven times tired, but she was willing to let it go. Doosan was good at defense. I expect players to play with greater certainty. I'm lucky I can go to Jamsil, my room, with a good atmosphere.

▼ "I miss the opportunity to skip the opportunity three times ▼" ▼ ▼

△ SK Hillman Director =It's a pity that I did not hit Grand Opportunity in the third round. The line seems too nervous. More focused attitudes are needed. I did not want to increase seven times when I watched Kwang Hyun Kim (90). Sanchez hit the home escape in the middle of the ball. I'm sorry. Doosan defense was good today. Kim Dong – yeop and Dong Dong – minus strike – and – run well out.

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