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Sohn Hak-gyu "Fast Track, New Korean Policy Path" Yoo Seung-min "Responsible" –

Entry 2019.04.30 14:25
| Revision 2019.04.30 14:55

Son Hak-gyu refused to "resign" in the party
Yoo Seung-min, "go fast with illegal and false … take responsibility until the end"

Sohn Hak-kyu, leader of the Supreme Future Party, said on April 30 that "the first step towards opening a new era of Korean policy and creating a new era" is linked to the quadrilateral designation of the party as a fast track (accelerated processing) of the electoral law,

The son said at a press conference with Kim Kwan-young, a representative of the National Assembly, in the morning, "I wondered if many people would become electoral reforms." He said, "The interwoven proportional representative system has been reduced / distorted and has been described as a fast track in the processing process and there have been many inconveniences," he said.

In response to the opposition of the right-wing legislators in the rapid appointment process, the son said, "There is no way to justify forgiveness as a representative." However, he said, "As the country becomes heavier beyond rain, the party should take a more unified and leading role in changing the composition of Korean policy."

Sohn said, "I'm afraid there is some power for the party to move toward progress or conservatives." It seems to be aimed at the right party members like Yoo Seung-min who demanded the resignation of Sohn Hak-gyu and Kim Kwan-yeong, who strongly opposed the rapid designation of this electoral system and the mode of transport. The son said, "The right future party, which has retained its third path, should not fall into the ideology of dogma." He strongly warns against the maneuvers of some forces that would lead the party to political interests.

It is likely that Son's comments refused some of his party's resignation, for example, Yoo Seung – min. The Future Party official said, "I think he will respond directly to the attacks of Yoo and others, considering that he wrote" speeches of some powers that try to dominate the party aside for political gain ". It is said that he made a statement of victory rather than being pushed to attack Yoo.

Sohn said, "It is not desirable that the centrifugal force act as a great bipartisan system before the general election." As the third road is open, the right future party should concentrate on the path to winning the general election. As regards the integration of the Party with the Democratic Peace Party in some areas, it has repeatedly stated: "Now is not the time to discuss this issue with the other parties."

At his press conference, Kim Kwan-young, former opposition lawmaker Fast Track, and Kim Hyung-hee, former chairman of the National Assembly, resigned from the Special Judicial Reform Committee. Kim said: "The appointment of a fast track is not the end, but the beginning." "The right future party will try to reach a final agreement through negotiation and compromise in the National Assembly."

Kim said, "Once again, I am apologized for the injuries of Kwon Eun-hee and Ohna Hwan-hwan through the appointment of a special presidential secretary." "I will cure the party's injuries now with the minds of Uri's legislators," he said, shouting, "Let me give you comfort rather than consolidation and guilt, not exclusion." He said, "I think it's a show for his supporters," for a strong resistance to the rapid route marking.

At the press conference, only two of the 28 right-wing members attended Kim Dong-cheol and Lim Jae-hoon. He also met journalists after meeting Chung Byeongguk, Lee Hye-hoon, Ha Tae-kyung, Oh Shin-hwan and Seong-wook Seo in the National Assembly and said, "I think it's terrible." "It is clear that the party that went through the (fast) process went illegally and falsely in our party," he said. "Responsibility for this will be demanded by the end," he said.

Right-wing party leader Kim Kwan-Young (right) tears when at a press conference held on October 30 in the morning.

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