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Spit on your face and scissors … Lee, Myung-hee,


The indictment of Lee Myung-hee, wife of the President of the Hanjin Group, was revealed naked through the prosecutor's office. Mr Lee was allegedly attacked by throwing sharp objects at his employers when he swore to his employees.

I'm a Park Jun Woo reporter.


Lee Myung-hee was energetic and threw violence against nine employees, including drivers.

The Prosecutor's Office included details of the accusations of the victims and the allegations related to them.

Lee has spilled his face last year before driver A.

The reason I arrived late at the meeting.

Employees working at home were also injured.

In 2011, I did not have enough ginger, and I let staff B fall to my knees, throw books on my left eye and hurt them.

Lee also found out that his staff threw rods, garden shears and pollen.

Some workers injured the knee cartilage at a distance of 3 meters from the ladder.

I did not hesitate to blaspheme my personality.

One employee was offended because he could not match the pollen spacing because he did not show up at elementary school.

The person responsible for the interior company was caught on the neck.

At the end of last month, the indictment turned to Mr Lee for legal proceedings on suspicion of special injuries and barriers to trade.

Lee is also accused of illegally recruiting Filipino women as domestic helpers and smuggling luxury goods from abroad.

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